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by d-force™ Racing Team.
Published with Permission.

The d-force Race Team were nervous and excited for the first at home national of the year. Dirt Bronco MX track proved to be a difficult race with muddy and rutted track conditions. All the girls enjoyed themselves and had fun together.

Tiegan Reed showed a lot of heart and raced not only to prove to herself but also to others that she doesn't let anything get her down. Earlier in the week Tiegan suffered from a dislocated shoulder again and decided to focus on herself for the day; pushing where she could. She kept her chin high and enjoyed the ride as much as she could.

Tiegan Reed (# 24) © Andre Schoeman

Youngster Kayla showed her skill on the difficult track. In her first heat she had a good start with Leah Heygate in front of her and team mate Nanda Clowes behind her. Her team mate passed her for 2nd but she fought back hard almost making the pass back. Leah went down hard and Kayla had a collision with another rider which left the gap too big to fight for 1st. Kayla finished in a solid 2nd place.
Her second heat was brilliant as the youngster lead the first few laps in the late afternoon sun. Unfortunately two crashes left her in 5th place with no time to work herself back up. She finished in 3rd overall for the day.

Kayla Raaff (# 22) © Traxtion Photography

Nanda Clowes #244 managed to capitalize on the other rider's mistakes. She had average starts and had to ride clever to get closer to Kayla and Leah in the first heat. She managed to make the pass on Kayla, caught Leah and kept the pressure on her. Leah went down in a corner which gave Nanda the win in the first heat. The second heat saw Nanda accidently hitting a lower gear on the start, with a bad start she tried to fight her way up to 2nd riding smart and cautious with the championship in mind. She finished there and took the overall win.

Nanda Clowes (# 244) © Traxtion Photography

d-force race team will be training hard and focusing on the next national in Pietermaritzburg on the 22 July.

We would like to thank the sponsors that make it possible for the team to do what they love: d-force, Just1 Helmets, Maxima Oils, Cycra, Leatt, Dunlop, Greastec, EVS, Eksbrand Goggles, Ellies and USWE.

Thank you!

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